Bangkok Off the Beaten Path | The Best Attractions

Bangkok off the beaten path! Are you tired of tourist traps? Or simply just looking to discover something unheard of? If so, you have come to the right place. Read on to find 3 Bangkok off-the-beaten-path secrets.

Bangkok off the beaten path

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Wat Samphan Temple A.K.A Pink Dragon Temple

Ready to get away from the tourist-overloaded temples? Get ready for this distinctive temple. Head 40 km outside of Bangkok to Nakom Pathom Province to discover a pink-washed tower that has a dragon coiling around the outside of it. No matter if you have 48 hours in Bangkok or an entire week, this temple is a must-visit! Officially known as Wat Samphran, it’s well and truly off most tourists’ radars. What’s fascinating about this lesser-known temple is the mystery surrounding it. Guidebooks leave it out, and locals don’t seem to know much information about it either. When was it built? Why? By whom? Nobody seems to know!

Bus number 88 to the Dragon Temple, Bangkok
Bus number 88 to the Dragon Temple, Bangkok

The best part about this temple is that it’s completely FREE to visit. When you arrive, you’re more than welcome to make the walk up the dragon’s tail, where you will be met with panoramic views of the town below. Lush greenery as far as the eye can see.

Dragon Temple in Bangkok, Thailand
A full-length view of the Dragon Temple

How to get to Wat Samphran

To get to the temple, you can opt to take a taxi there and back. A taxi will cost around 400 baht ($12.61) each way but with some hard-bargaining skills, you may get it for 300 baht ($9.46). Alternatively, you can go for the cheap and cheerful option; public transport. Just head to Ratchadamnoen Klang Road and hop on bus number 556, 511 or 79, which will take you directly to Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal. The cost of the bus is just 10 baht ($0.32). Once you reach Bangkok Southern Terminal, you need to change to a white mini-van. Take number 88, which costs 30 baht ($0.95) and let the driver know where you are going. You need to get off at the top of Phetkasen Road and then walk for 1 km to the dragon tower looming in the distance.

Visit two lesser-known floating markets in Bangkok

After you have checked off all of the best things to do in Bangkok, it’s time to leave the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s City Centre and head a little outside of the tourist area to the floating markets. Floating markets are a great introduction to Thai culture; the food, people, and contrasting lifestyle of busy and laid-back. With the floating markets considered a top tourist attraction, it’s not surprising that tourists are eager to book straight onto a floating market tour the second they arrive at their accommodation. However, hold off from booking a tour of the tourist-dominated market just yet! Why not visit two lesser-known markets all by yourself? These two floating markets are a great addition to this Bangkok off-the-beaten-path list.

A local making food on a boat
Local woman making food on her boat at the floating market

Taling Chan Market

Taling Chan Market is the perfect introduction to the street food culture on water. You can spend at least an hour, or two, wandering around the stalls and tucking into endless seafood on the tiny toddler-sized tables. It’s fun to watch as the vendors sizzle up their freshly caught produce before serving it to you on a plate.

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Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

After Taling Chan Market, hop into a songtaew for just 8 baht ($0.25) and head to the second market of the day, Khlong Lat Mayom Market. This market is huge! So, be sure to dedicate more time to it. As you float around, take in the local atmosphere, enjoy the live music, and wrap your head around being in a different world with few tourists in sight nor any English menus.

After a stroll around the market, make sure to take the opportunity to cruise around the network of canals on a long-tail speed boat. The cost of a long-tail speed boat trip ranges from 70 baht ($2.21) to 100 baht ($3.15) for a shared tour and goes up to 2,000 baht ($63.10) for a private boat.

Boat ride at the floating markets in Bangkok
A boat ride at the floating market

How to get to the floating markets

Getting to the markets without a tour is simple! Just catch the 79 bus from Ratchadannemoen Road. This bus will take you directly to Taling Chan.

If you don’t fancy taking on Bangkok’s hectic transport system just yet, you can easily take a taxi. Prices to and from Khlong Lat Mayom start from 150 baht ($4.73).

Aeroplane Graveyard

Finally, on this list of Bangkok off-the-beaten-path attractions, is the aeroplane graveyard. The aeroplane graveyard is becoming somewhat of a big attraction recently with explorers who are adamant to get away from the chaos of Bangkok and seeking a more unusual setting. The aeroplane graveyard is by far from an official tourist attraction. In fact, it really is just a field full of abandoned planes that have been sat rotting away since 2010. It’s believed that the land and the planes are owned by a rich Thai businessman who is now starting to slowly sell off the valuable parts.

It’s something about abandoned places that spark curiosity in humans, much like a visit to Chernobyl, deteriorating places make people intrigued. Unfortunately, the planes are not entirely abandoned as a few Thai families have decided to move into one or two of the planes and charge us peeping toms of the tourist world a fee of 200 baht ($6.31) to snap away for an hour before kicking everybody out.

How to get to the Aeroplane graveyard

There are a few ways to get to the aeroplane graveyard. The easiest way to get to the Aeroplane Graveyard is to hop in a taxi to Ramlamahaeng Soi 103. However, the cost of a taxi from Khao San Road to the Airplane Graveyard will cost you around 400 baht ($12.62) and you’re likely to be stuck in Bangkok’s frustrating traffic jams.

Local bus in Bangkok, Thailand
A local bus in Bangkok

For a cheaper and less stressful way of getting there, opt for the canal ferry. Head to the Panfa Leelard stop of line 2, which is within walking distance of Khao San Road. Make sure to get off at Wat Si Bun Ruang, and the Aeroplane Graveyard is within walking distance from there. Note, that you will never pay more than 18 baht ($0.57) for a canal ferry ride.

Where to stay in Bangkok

Dorm life: Comfy Bed Hostel – Has a modern design and is in a great location! Perfect for the social butterfly. The rooms are well equipped, and guests have the luxury of tucking into an American breakfast.

Budget private room: Amarin Inn – Super friendly staff and clean rooms. The small family-run property is perfect for couples that want to be close to the hustle and bustle of Khao San Road, but still want to retreat at the end of the night to a quiet space.

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Feeling luxurious: Siri Heritage Bangkok Hotel – Perfect for those who want to feel a little glam in the rooftop pool. The rooms are all decorated to a high standard and make for a very comfortable stay. The hotel also offers free bicycle rental too!

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Did you enjoy your time in Bangkok? Bangkok is not only a popular starting point for a wider Southeast Asia trip, but it is also a popular city for those looking to venture into teaching English in Thailand.

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Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand | Off the Beaten Path

We hope you enjoyed reading this Bangkok off-the-beaten-path post. So, go ahead and get to exploring the lesser-known attractions of Bangkok. If you have any questions, make sure to pop us a message. If you’re travelling around Thailand after Bangkok, make sure to book your transport online to avoid wasting time going to the tourist shops.

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