Africa! The land where humans and animals live side-by-side. Africa offers endless wildlife encounters, safaris, a variety of remarkable landscapes, alluring cultures, and stunning sunrises and sunsets amidst untrodden lands.

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If you’re not sure of where you want to go, then check out this awesome overland itinerary from Cape Town to Victoria Falls.

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Asia is an exciting place to travel! Whether you’re looking for a variety of Asia backpacking routes or looking for country-specific routes, such as a China itinerary or a Japan itinerary, we have you covered.

From the common Banana Pancake trail through South East Asia, to the less discovered Central Asia Silk Road route. You’re sure to find plentiful countries filled with tons of crazy and intriguing things to see and do. You could be temple hopping in Thailand, or you could be cruising around Mongolia in an old Russian minivan. The list is endless! And we’re here to help you get planning.

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Europe is an interesting region filled with fairy-tale castles, ancient architecture, and rich history. Europe has something to offer everyone, even those backpacking Europe on a budget. There is no need to have tons of cash to have a good time in this quirky corner of the earth.

Here we have put together budget travel itineraries, guides, and tips on how to go backpacking Europe on a budget.

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