The Best Bukhara Itinerary | Things to do & More

We arrived in Bukhara from Samarkand on a 1.5-hour fast train. Costing just $5.30, there was no competition between the train or the 4-hour bus ride. Upon arriving in Bukhara and laying eyes on its cream washed stone walls, we instantly got the feeling of stepping back in time. We couldn’t wait to see what the second ancient city of our Silk Road trip had to offer. Here is our full Bukhara itinerary. Find things to do in Bukhara, places to eat, places to stay, and more.

The essential Bukhara itinerary

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Things to do in Bukhara

Lyabi Hauz Square

We began our first morning in Bukhara with a belly-filling breakfast consisting of bread, cheese, egg, jam, pancakes, and fruit from Minzifa Boutique Hotel. After scoffing down our delicious breakfast we were ready to begin our Bukhara travel itinerary.

The first stop on our Bukhara sightseeing list was Lyabi Hauz Square boasting a green pool in the centre. Lyabi Hauz Square is filled with eateries, hotels and pop-up shops. It’s the heart of the city and perfect for taking a rest. However, as we had just started our day we continued to our next stop.

Lyabi Hauz square - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Jake sitting on a camel statue at Lyabi Hauz Square

Tea Museum

The first thing we saw, after passing through the small market area, was the Tea museum. Having previously backpacked India, we had grown fond of flavoured tea. So even though we hadn’t initially planned to stop here, the poster of ginger tea and a FREE refill was too enticing to pass by. So, we decided to take a very early break on our first day of exploring and trying the different teas. The sitting room half reminded us of Aladdin with the intricate carpets hung on the wall, and half of Harry Potter with pouches of herbs and spices placed around the room, like some sort of magical dust.

Cost: 25,000 Som ($2.63) for a pot of tea, refill and table sweets.

Tea museum - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Sipping on tea at the Tea Museum

Aziz Khan Madrasah & Mizro Ulugbek Madrasah

After a well-undeserved break, we decided to push on to Abdul Aziz Khan Madrasah and Mizro Ulugbek Madrasah, which sit facing each other. Both buildings are spectacular in design. We would have liked to go inside but there were women at their market stalls asking for an entrance fee of 5,000 Som ($0.53). They didn’t quite fit the bill of a ticket office, so we decided to keep going to our next stop.

Cost: 5,000 Som ($0.53) entrance to each madrasah (maybe).

Ulughbek madrasah - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
The entrance to Ulughbek Madrasah

Poy-I-Kalyan Complex

The Poy-I-Kalyan complex is another beautiful place, but it’s the towering minaret that steals the show here. It’s one of the tallest buildings in Bukhara! Whilst it looks like a picture straight out of a fairy tale, there is a gruesome story behind it. Accordingly, way back in the day, if a married woman was to look at another man, she would be sentenced to death by being thrown from the top floor of the tower. One lucky lady managed to survive by wearing 40 dresses to cushion the fall. The people of Bukhara believed by surviving the fall, God had forgiven her, so they should too.

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Cost: FREE

Poi-I-Kalyn tower - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Pio-l-Kalyn Tower standing proud against the clear blue sky

Zindon Prison

Next up on the Bukhara itinerary is Zindon Prison. Don’t worry! It’s no longer in use. Zindon Prison was home to prisoners back in the 1800s, but today all you will see is creepy-looking mannequins. You have the opportunity to see the old prison rooms and relics, that used to be used when the prison was in full function. The most interesting part of the prison is the bug pit, which is dug 16 feet below the ground. Hot water was poured onto the ground, so bugs would surface and bite away at the prisoners down there. Eventually, prisoners would die a grisly death of various bug bites and poison.

Cost: 10,000 Som ($1.05) entrance / 5,000 Som ($0.53) entrance whilst it’s under restoration.

Zindon prison - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Statues in the insect pit at Zindon Prison

The Ark

The Ark is an interesting place with a unique and interesting design, that makes for some cool photos. It’s a massive fortress that used to encompass the town in the 5th century. There is also a museum inside that you can visit.

Cost of the museum entrance: 15,000 Som ($1.58)

The Ark - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Interesting architecture of The Ark in Bukhara

Boro Hauz Masjid

Boro Hauz is a mosque that was built in 1712. It’s directly opposite The Ark.

Cost: FREE

Boro Hauz masjid - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
The beautiful design of Boro Hauz Majid

Samandis Mausoleum

Samandis Mausoleum is one of the oldest mausoleums in Bukhara and one of the most well-preserved in Central Asia. It was built at the beginning of the 10th century. Whilst the small mausoleum’s design was fascinating, the Ferris wheel nearby caught our eye, so we quickly ran over to that to see the views of Bukhara from up high. A ride on the Ferris wheel was the perfect way to end our Bukhara travel itinerary.

Cost to enter the mausoleum: 4,000 Som ($0.42) to enter

Cost of Ferris wheel: 5,000 Som ($0.53) per person.

Ferris wheel - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Jake having the time of his life on the Ferris wheel in Bukhara

Where to stay in Bukhara

Minzifa Boutique Hotel – The location of this hotel is perfect! It’s located on a quiet road, but only 5 minute’s walk away from the lively Libya Hauz Square. The staff at the hotel have great English and were able to help with all our questions and queries. The rooms are nicely decorated, and the beds are very comfortable. The rooms are also well equipped with toiletries, a hairdryer, a fridge, and a TV. The wifi also worked great, which makes a change from the very slow wifi we had encountered so far in Uzbekistan.

Minzifa boutique hotel bedroom - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Cosy traditional double bedroom at Minzifa Boutique Hotel

The price of a stay also includes a large delicious breakfast, consisting of fresh bread, eggs, pancakes, and fruit. We would fully recommend this hotel to anybody visiting Bukhara, that is looking for a nice relaxing to chill out after a day exploring the city’s beautiful architecture.

For more deals and prices on other properties in Bukhara, CLICK HERE.

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Where to eat in Bukhara

Libya Hauz Square is filled with cafes and restaurants to eat at for lunch and dinner. Here are two of our faves.

Minzifa Restaurant – Minzifa Restaurant is a great place to watch the sunset over the ancient buildings, whilst enjoying a meal on the rooftop. The food here is delicious; in fact, some of the best food we had whilst in Central Asia! We both ordered the chicken in cream sauce with a side of rice. The dessert menu is also extensive. We found it hard to choose, so we chose 2 desserts instead.

Minzifa cafe - Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Delicious food from Minzifa Cafe

Bouredin Restaurant – Bouredin Restaurant has a nice outside seating area and a fab choice of meals on the menu. They serve both local meals and western meals; from plov all the way to chicken nuggets and pizza.

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To conclude, a trip to Bukhara is a must when you’re visiting Uzbekistan. This Bukhara itinerary takes you through some of the most well-known sightseeing attractions in the city, so make sure to leave time to squeeze them all in.

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The Ultimate Bukhara, Uzbekistan Itinerary

*We were hosted complimentary by Minzifia Boutique Hotel and Restaurant. All opinions are our own, based on our experience.*

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  1. Mike says:

    This post brings back so many amazing memories! I visited Uzbekistan last year and absolutely loved it. Wandering through the old town of Bukhara and Kihva made me feel like it was centuries earlier during the high times of the silk road

  2. Aisha says:

    Bukhara looks absolutely amazing! So full of history and such beautiful architecture, I think I could happily spend a few days exploring and experiencing this destination. Top of my list though would have to be the tea museum – I love me some tea!

  3. Suman Doogar says:

    You got my attention with tea plus free refills. Some really cool places to eat at Bukhara, I would love to try them all. The mosque looks beautiful too.

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