About Us

Where the journey began…

Hi! We are Katie and Jake, an English couple that share a love for travelling and exploring the world. Our passions are to explore exotic destinations, experience once in a life time opportunities & to immerse ourselves in new cultures.

Our thirst for adventure grew stronger whilst on a month-long trip to Hungary, Vietnam and Czech Republic. Not long after returning to the UK, we realized the capability of achieving our dream. Packed with nothing but our TEFL certificates & newly achieved university degrees (Criminology & Child Youth Studies), we set ourselves the task of returning to the country that we fell in love with (Vietnam) to act as our hub, whilst backpacking to nearby countries.

Jake and Katie at Bagan Temples

A one-way ticket…

After a brief period of saving up some money in the UK, the time had arrived, and in April 2016 were set to leave the UK bound for Bangkok on a one-way ticket with no definitive plan other than to travel until our funds ran dry and then to find jobs as ESL teachers. We started out by spending 4 months backpacking across South East Asia. In order to continue the adventure, we found work teaching English in the place it all begin; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Passports at the ready

Funding our travels…

Finding work was easy! After applying for only a few positions, within a few days, we were just a Skype call away from our first jobs as ESL teachers. We have now been teaching for over a year and have already been on another 4 month backpacking trip through East Asia. We plan to continue our adventure by teaching and travelling during the holidays as much as possible. We aspire to visit more wonders of the world until again we are down to our last penny.

Katie and Students TEFL

So What is this?

This is a travel blog we have created to help you generate some ideas for fun backpacking trips. We are on a mission to conquer the world; one country at a time.

After each country we visit, we will write a mini guide of the main hot spots and things to do in each place. We will also give you a run down of costs and give some useful tips on each country. Through the use of the mini-guides we hope to inspire you to travel.

Remember – you can travel on the cheap, and we are here to prove it! To navigate to the mini-guides just click on the destination guides button in the menu. From there you can choose one of the destinations we have been to and let your imagination flow. Enjoy reading and happy travels 🙂

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