How to get to the Love Tunnel in Ukraine | Ultimate Guide

The Love Tunnel in Ukraine is a beautiful example of nature taking over. The Love Tunnel is a train track that is overgrown with trees and bushes. As the train still runs on the track, a beautiful nature archway has formed, making it look like something straight from a fairytale book. Read on to find the ultimate guide on how to get to the Love Tunnel in Ukraine.

WARNING: This post was created before the war in Ukraine. We are in no way promoting travel to Ukraine at this time, due to the ongoing conflict.

How to get to the Love Tunnel in Ukraine

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Where is the Ukraine Love Tunnel located?

Ukraine Love Tunnel is located in a small village called Klevan, which is in northwestern Ukraine. Rivne is the nearest city to Klevan.

How to get to Rivne from Lviv or Kiev

The best way to reach Klevan is to first go to the nearby city of Rivne. Rivne is well-connected by bus and trains from popular cities; Lviv, to the left and Kyiv, to the right. We arrived in Rivne from Lviv by train. The train took around 3 hours and cost just $8.

Train from Lviv to Rivne - Ukraine
A packed train going from Lviv to Rivne

To get there from Kyiv, you can take a bus or train. Both take 6-7 hours and cost around $13. However, after experiencing a train ride from Lviv to Rivne, we would opt for the bus any day.

Before we continue, if you don’t have a full day or two to set aside to make the trip by yourself, you can always take a guided tour from Lviv or Kyiv. A guided tour will take the stress out of getting there yourself!

How to get to Klevan from Rivne

In Rivne, you need to go to the bus station that is right outside of the train station. From there you can take a public bus (marshrutka) to Klevan. The bus takes around 40 minutes and costs just 23 UAH ($0.94).

How to get to the Ukraine Love Tunnel once you’re in Klevan

Once you reach Klevan, you need to get off the bus when you see this sign (pictured below).

Sign post to Ukraine's love tunnel - Klevan, Ukraine
Get off the bus when you see this sign

However, we recommend taking a screenshot of the Love Tunnel on your phone to show the driver, so he/she can let you know when to get off.

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When you get off you will need to walk for about 2 km. Just follow the road straight. You will pass a few shops and a few houses along the way. Towards the end, you will cross over some modern train tracks. Then there you are! On the right-hand side of you will be the Love Tunnel. Don’t worry! You won’t miss it as it’s well-signposted.

Modern train tracks to the love tunnel - Klevan, Ukraine
Jake walks across the modern train track

Walking through the Love Tunnel

As the name suggests, it’s a great place for lovers to take a stroll up and down the train tracks. Whilst the tunnel is like something from a magical storybook, where you may just walk into another realm at any time, the tunnel’s magic gets ruined by the millions of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. The track spans over 5 km and we would have loved to have walked the entire way and admired the beauty, but the number of mosquito bites was just too intense. So, if you do decide to visit the Love Tunnel, don’t forget to cake yourself with tons of mosquito repellent.

Beginning of the love tunnel - Klevan, Ukraine
Walking through the Love Tunnel during the summer

The further up the Love Tunnel you get, the prettier the tunnel becomes. The track becomes greener and the tunnel gets thicker with undergrowth. Many people turned back after the first 500 meters, but we fully recommend walking at least 1 km to see the tunnel at its best.

Deep into the love tunnel - Klevan, Ukraine
The further down the Love Tunnel you get, the fuller the trees

How to get back to Rivne

To get back to Rivne from the Love Tunnel, you will need to walk the same way you came. Walk back to the village and to the bus stop where you get off the bus (near the big sign). When you reach the sign take a right and continue up the road for about 50 meters. Cross over the road and the bus stop is directly facing a shop. Then take a direct marshrutka back to Rivne for the same price as when you came; 23 UAH ($0.94). If you’re still looking for a place to stay in Rivne, we recommend checking out Rivne Hostel; it’s modern, clean and super cheap.

Walking through the love tunnel - Kelvan, Ukraine
The Love Tunnel seems never-ending

There you have it! The easy way to reach the famous Love Tunnel from Rivne, Ukraine. There is no need to book an expensive and rushed day trip from either Lviv or Kyiv. You can easily go by yourself! Good luck! If you have any questions pop us a comment below.

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How to Get to the Love Tunnel in Ukraine

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    Aw this is beautiful! I’ve seen so many photos of this, but haven’t yet made it to Ukraine. I appreciate the tips on getting there too. The heart sign says it all!

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    Wow! Mosquitoes! Nothing 100% DEET wouldn’t take care of, hopefully. These images are beautiful. What a dreamy walk. Did you have a tripod and timer to take the pictures, or were you lucky enough to have someone with you to take them? And I love your dress!

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      Thanks a lot for your comment! Nope we didn’t use a tripod.A couple took some pictures for us at the start of the love tunnel but then we ended up asking a group of teenagers to walk ahead with us and take some pictures haha. We do wish we had a tripod with us though!

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