The Ultimate Outdoor Travel Checklist

Outdoor travel’s popularity has been on the rise in recent years, especially among UK travellers. A study on travelling preferences revealed that nearly half of Brits prefer engaging in active and adventurous activities during the holiday season. It also showed that two in five UK travellers prioritise outdoor activities during a trip, marking a preference for more thrilling travel experiences. 

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There are many things to consider before going on adventurous travel. From weather conditions to essential items, it’s best to carefully prep for your trip for fewer headaches down the road. Our previous article on packing tips mentioned that creating a travel checklist can help you prioritise items that you need to bring to avoid overpacking. If you aren’t sure where to start, here is the ultimate outdoor travel checklist for ironing out the basics for your trip:

Essential clothing 

First, you need to be sure to pack the right, weather-appropriate clothing. If you’re planning to go backpacking to cold places like the Swiss Alps, you need gloves, winter hats, and waterproof jackets that repel snow and keep your body warm. You can try The North Face’s Winter Warm Pro Jacket for this, as it’s light but durable enough to keep the cold out. If you’re going to a relatively warmer place, breathable and light clothing should be fine. Ensure your clothing is certified for where you plan to go, and invest in features like sun protection or waterproofing. 


Going on an outdoor adventure can take you to greater heights – literally. But hiking at higher altitudes can also increase the risks of getting exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause vision problems like photokeratitis or sunburn to the eyes. To avoid these risks, make sure to pack sunglasses that block UV and other harmful light from entering the eyes, like the Ray-Ban Wayfarers or Oakley’s Turbine OO 9263 Sunglasses. These sunglasses do not slip off easily, making them a perfect companion that will hold up during your adventures. Plus, they’re great for sun exposure even at lower altitudes, as well as pretty much any kind of outdoor travel.

Insect repellent

If you’re planning to go to tropical destinations like Costa Rica for adventurous travel, it’s essential to pack an insect repellent. This is especially useful because insects like mosquitoes thrive in places with humid temperatures and warm conditions. Painful insect bites and stings can cause great discomfort, and in some cases, mosquito bites may even cause diseases like malaria or dengue, which could entirely derail your trip. To avoid these, you can try Jungle Formula insect repellent to help protect against all kinds of insects when you’re outdoors. 

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Water bottle 

Outdoor travelling can be exhausting and can get even more difficult when the weather is hot and humid. Not drinking enough water to replace the fluids you lose by sweating can place you at risk of dehydration or sunstroke. For more rugged adventuring, you can try the stainless steel water bottles from Hydro Flask which are perfect for your daytime adventure travel – they’re leak-proof, insulated, and keep your water cold for an extended period. If you’re planning on packing light, a water bladder is a great and portable alternative.

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A good pair of boots can significantly affect your overall outdoor travel experience. Be sure to bring hiking boots that are not only comfortable for your feet but are also durable, waterproof, and have no slippery soles. They can be especially helpful when the ground is wet and slippery while on the trail. Boots like the Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots are a great companion if you’re looking for a functional, safe, and versatile pair in any terrain. 

First-aid kit 

You’ll never know what to expect when you’re out in the wilderness. To be safe, pack a first-aid kit containing adhesive bandages from Band-Aid, a gauze pad, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory creams, and any other prescription medications that you’ll need. These will come in handy for emergencies that you may encounter during your travels.

Adventure travel is fun and exciting, but be sure to pack items that are essential for your trip. Having everything you need when you’re travelling can help prevent any inconvenience along the way and ensure you get home safely. 

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