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Sarajevo is an upcoming destination for a European city break. It’s a city where the East meets the West. With every turn through the narrow streets, there’s something to feast your eyes on, history to delve into, or delicious food to eat. So, pack your weekend bag and hop on that flight (or bus) to Sarajevo. Here is our list of the top 15 Sarajevo sightseeing attractions and things to do.

Sarajevo City, Bosnia

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How to get to Sarajevo

We arrived in Sarajevo after a six-hour car journey from Belgrade, and we were more than ready to get some kip ready to explore one of the best places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The journey from Belgrade to Sarajevo is made easy with GEA tours. All you need to do is call to reserve a seat in a car and you will be picked up from your hostel in Belgrade and dropped off at your hostel in Sarajevo. The cost of the journey is €20 ($22.34) per person.

Alternatively, if you don’t plan to enter Sarajevo over-land whilst on a Balkan road trip, then you can take a direct flight from most places in Europe. We recommend checking

Sarajevo sightseeing & things to do

Wander the narrow streets of Bascarsijia (the old town)

Undoubtedly, the old town is one of the top Sarajevo sightseeing attractions. You could easily spend a few days walking around and getting lost in the small alleys. Wandering through the old town is like being transported back in time. We would love to return here in the winter months! We can just imagine how cosy it would be sipping hot coffee, looking out at the snow-covered tiny cobbled streets and cute alleyways.

Sarajevo old town streets - Bosnia
One of the colourful, cute streets in Sarajevo Old Town

There are plenty of shops filled with antiques, many bars to relax and smoke shisha, and countless cafes to sip Bosnian coffee or Turkish tea. This brings us nicely to our next point of things to do in Sarajevo.

Treat your taste buds with Bosnian coffee

For the coffee lovers out there, your trip to Sarajevo wouldn’t be complete without sampling Bosnia’s finest coffee. Bosnian coffee is STRONG! Be sure to drink your coffee in style with a side of Turkish delight. Make sure to pop by Caffe Bar ANDAR. The family-run café used to make and repair shoes, but as this trade slowly died out, the store turned into a café but still kept the shoe theme alive.

Bosnian coffee in Sarajevo
Traditional Bosnian coffee from the Shoe Coffee shop

Watch a magical sunset over the city at the Yellow Fort

Climb to the top of the Yellow Fort for fantastic views of the city, and to watch a romantic sunset. There is a café nearby where you can buy non-alcoholic drinks. The walk up the hill is quite steep but well-paved. The tiring short walk is worth the views of the sunset. It is the perfect way to end a day of Sarajevo sightseeing!

Sunset at the Yellow fort - Sarajevo, Bosnia
The sunset from the top of Yellow Fort

Urban it out at the 1984 Winter Olympics bob-sleigh

The abandoned bob sleigh was once a roaring attraction for those attending the Olympic games. Competitors used to skillfully race down the track. Now, the bob-sleigh is abandoned and filled with graffiti, making it a great place to snap away for some urban-style pictures.

Stand in the very spot where World War 1 broke out at Latin bridge

Sarajevo is one of the best Balkan holiday destinations for history buffs. Don’t miss the corner where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was shot dead. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand, on June 28th, 1914, was the event that ultimately started World War 1. Thereafter, the series of events changed the order of the entire world. On the corner, you will also find the Museum of Sarajevo where you can delve further into the events of this significant date. The cost to enter is 4 Marks ($2.25).

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Looking for other historical places in Europe? Don’t miss a trip to Krakow!

Sarajevo museum - Bosnia
Sarajevo Museum, near the spot where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated

Overindulge in ice-cream

As you wander around the old town you will find plentiful ice-cream carts selling every flavour you can think of. Aside from the plain Jane’s, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, you will find bubble gum, mint, Mars, Snickers, and Ferrero Rocher….the list is endless. However, our faves are Mars and Snickers. At only 1 Mark ($0.56) a scoop, it was hard to resist an ice cream (or two) a day.

Ice-cream in Sarajevo, Bosnia
The ice-creams are so CHEAP!

Go crazy over the mix of architecture on Curciluk Veliki Street

Make sure to take a walk down Curciluk Veliki Street. This street is literally where east meets west. On one side you will find old Ottoman-style buildings and on the other, European-style buildings. It surely is a fascinating mix of architecture.

Curciluk-Veliki street - Sarajevo, Bosnia
Curciluk Veliki Street is an interesting street for architecture

Drink an endless flow of cheap beer on Ferhadija Street

Head out on the town and party the night away with an endless flow of cheap beer, or sit back and relax with a shisha. Ferhadija Street is the perfect place to relax in the evenings. You can guzzle a 0.5 litre of beer for around 4 Marks ($2.25).

Ferhadija street - Sarajevo, Bosnia
Ferhadija Street is great for cheap beer

Visit the House of Spite

Make sure to stop by the House of Spite. The House of Spite is now a restaurant, but the story behind it is pretty cool, which is why it makes it onto this list of Sarajevo sightseeing attractions.

House of spite - Sarajevo, Bosnia
The House of Spite

The story: When the Austrian-Hungarian government took over Sarajevo, they wanted to build the City Hall. However, they ran into a problem when one man refused to sell his house. As the man owned the land underneath his house, the Austrian-Hungarian government were unable to carry out their plan to build the City Hall.

After many negotiations, the man finally agreed to sell the land, BUT, under one condition! The government must move his house, brick by brick, to the other side of the river. He sat for days, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, watching carefully as men got to work to rebuild his house using the old bricks.

Gaze out over Sarajevo in the Avaz Twist Tower

Make sure you go to the twisted tower for panoramic views of the hills of Sarajevo. There is a 360 degrees observation deck at the top of the tower which costs 2 Marks ($1.13) to go to. However, we recommend spending that money on a coffee, or a beer, in the café on the 35th floor. It’s just one floor below the observation deck.

Avaz twist tower - Sarajevo, Bosnia
Having a beer at the top of Avaz Twist Tower

Forget Western food and make sure to try delicious cevapi

Fatten up at one of the many Cevapi restaurants! Cevapi is a local Balkan dish that consists of grilled minced meat served with flatbread, onions and a side of kajmak (soft cheese), and ajvar (a spicy sauce). Trust us, it is delicious!

Cevapi - Sarajevo, Bosnia
Cevapi is a very popular dish in the Balkans

Take notice of the bullet-hole houses

Whilst Sarajevo, the worst-hit city during the Yugoslav war, has made a full recovery from the recent tragedies in the ’90s, the buildings still bear the scars of war to this day. As you wander the streets, look beyond the pretty architecture of the mosques and houses etched into the mountains, and take time to look at the more run-down buildings. If you look carefully, you will see bullet holes are still prevalent.

Bullet hole houses in Sarajevo, Bosnia
One of the many buildings that still bear the scars of war

Feel the history of the war by taking a walk through the Tunnel of Hope

Take a tour of the Tunnel of Hope. The Tunnel of Hope is an underground tunnel that was built to connect Sarajevo to neighbouring cities. Whilst Sarajevo was under the siege of the Army of Republika Srpska, the Tunnel of Hope was the only way in and out of the city and the only way to get supplies to the local people of Sarajevo.

Remember the victims of the war as you pass red marks on the floor

Finally, on this list of Sarajevo sightseeing attractions, as you walk around Sarajevo, you may notice red splodges on the floor that look somewhat like bloodstains. These stains are a stark reminder of the effects of the war. They represent the blood and lives lost and are the exact point where someone died. Make sure to be respectful and take a moment to remember the victims.

Red marks for the victims of war in Sarajevo, Bosnia
The red stains mark the spot a victim of the war sadly lost their life

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Where to stay in Sarajevo

Feeling luxurious: Hotel Bejturan – Equipped with an indoor swimming pool and an on-site bar. The hotel offers double rooms and apartment-style rooms that come with cooking equipment. Perfect for families or couples looking for a luxury stay.

Budget private room: Hotel Boutique Libris – Well-decorated, modern, cosy rooms. Perfect for couples! Also, in an excellent location for all of the attractions. Rooms are all well equipped with wifi, a private bathroom, and hairdryers.

Dorm life: Hostel City Rest – A clean hostel that is centrally located to all of Sarajevo’s main attractions. Just 800 meters from Latin Bridge and 1 km from the main drinking street. Each room has a private bathroom and wifi.

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This is the end of this list of Sarajevo sightseeing attractions and things to do. We hope you enjoyed reading it! Now, it’s time to book your flight and go out and explore Sarajevo. Whilst you’re at it…why not plan a trip around all of the Balkans? To get you started, check out this great list of tips for backpacking in the Balkans.

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  1. Paul says:

    Sarajevo is a place I’ve been wanting to go for ages but never quite made it to. I love how your guide focuses a lot on food! My kind of guide. And cheap beer that flows freely, what more could you want from a destination. Must be very moving to see the remnants of the war, but it look like Sarajevo is moving on.

    • Katie says:

      It is certainly moving on but the scars of the war are still there. Hope you get around to visiting soon! It really is a gem of a country that deserves so much more attention than it gets. We hope to go back soon to see more of the country! Let us know if you have any more questions for when you do decide to go 🙂

  2. Italian Trip Abroad says:

    It is on my bucket list! It is cheap and nice, rich in amazing landscapes and new adventure. You are pointing in the right direction guys. Keep it going!

  3. Matija says:

    Glad you enjoyed Sarajevo, also you did not try burek? it’s the local delicacy, like puff pastry filled with minced meat and onions, it’s super delicious, also one small thing to point out, you mixed up kajmak and ajvar, kajmak is the soft cheese like thing and ajvar is like the chilli sauce, but still glad you enjoyed your time in sarajevo. What other towns are you planing on visiting, if I may I would recommend Mostar

    • Katie says:

      We loved it! We really want to go back to Bosnia to see more of the country. We did try burek but not with mince, with potato. Thanks for letting me know about the kajmak and avjar, I will fix that right away 🙂 We went to Mostar on a day trip from Croatia as we met family in Croatia and wanted to go with them but we deffo want to go back and spend more than a day in Mostar.

  4. passportofawanderwoman says:

    Sarajevo would be a good place to visit in Bosnia. Of course the over-indulgence in icecream sounds like a great idea. I have seen Bosnia becoming quite popular , but didnt know anything about their cities. Now I do. thanks for sharing.

  5. Victoria says:

    This destination brings back memories of conflict,war and the Olympics. It’s not a destination you think about when planning a European trip. I’d like to give it a chance one day though!

  6. MEENAKSHI J says:

    Bosnia is one country that I have heard about for all the wrong reasons in the 90s.I am glad to read this post that has portrayed the place so beautifully. Love the architecture 🙂

  7. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Sarajevo comes across as a charming and at the same time enigmatic city. A city with so much to see and do. The old town is where we would head to first to soak in its charm, followed by some Bosnian coffee of course. The Curciluk Veliki street looks fascinating with its mix of architectural style while the Tunnel of Hope sounds so poignant.

  8. Kavita Favelle says:

    I genuinely don’t know why I’ve not yet made it to Sarajevo. It’s been on my wish list for the longest time and somehow I keep forgetting about it in favour of other places. I think what I look forward to most is wandering the Bascarsijia old town streets, and enjoying the historical architecture, pausing for ice creams and coffees, not to mention dining on local cuisine.

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