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Bratislava is small, but with its old cobbled streets and castle-like buildings, it may just leave you wanting more. You can easily see the best of Bratislava in a day. However, if you’re strapped for time and are on a whirlwind day trip from Vienna, you may want to check out a 4-hour guided walking tour to make sure you don’t miss any of the highlights. So, without further ado, here is the ultimate guide of what to do in Bratislava in one day.

St. Charles' Colourful buildings in Bratislava, Slovakia

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St. Michael’s Gate

First up on the list of what to do in Bratislava in one day is St. Michael’s Gate. St. Michael’s Gate is the oldest and last remaining gate in Bratislava; it dates back to 1300. Even if you don’t plan to visit St. Michael’s Gate you will find it hard to miss, as it towers over the cobbled streets and is one of the main entrances to the old town.

St. Michael's gate - Bratislava, Slovakia
St. Michael’s Gate

Bratislava Old Town

The old town is filled with bars and eateries. It’s the perfect place to unwind in the evening along the narrow streets. Walking through the old town will have you feeling like you have stepped back into Medieval times.

Bratislava old town - Slovakia
Cobbled streets of Bratislava’s Old Town

Bratislava Castle

The imposing white structure with red minarets stands proudly on top of a hill. It’s hard not to miss the castle as it can be seen from the Old Town. Inside the castle, you will find the Slovak National Museum. The basic admission cost is 10 euros ($10.86). However, we opted not to go inside but instead walked around the outside gardens for free.

Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle

St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral

St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral was built in the 1900s and is a must-see on your trip to Bratislava. Its smooth baby blue walls make it quite unusual; hence its more common name ‘The Blue Cathedral’.

St. Elizabeths church - Bratislava, Slovakia
St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral painted in baby blue

St. Martin’s Cathedral

St. Martin’s Cathedral is one of the oldest and largest cathedrals in Bratislava. With its interesting interiors, it’s well worth a look on your way to Bratislava Castle.

St. Martin's cathedral - Bratislava, Slovakia
St. Martin’s Cathedral

Grassalkovich Palace

A beautiful palace that is home to Slovakia’s current president. Whilst you are not able to go inside, you can admire it from the outside and take a stroll through the well-kept gardens.

Grassalkovich palace - Bratislava, Slovakia
Jake sat on the bench outside of Grassalkovich Palace

Cumil – The man at work

Bratislava is filled with quirky statues, but Cumil has to be the most famous of them all. Cumil was embedded into the ground in 1997 and has since become a tourist attraction. People say that if you touch his head, your wishes will come true.

Cumil, the working man - Bratislava, Slovakia
Cumil the working man statue

UFO Bridge

The UFO bridge is exactly what it states; a bridge that resembles that of a UFO. Due to its interesting and quirky design, it is worth checking out on your trip to Bratislava. Plus, it is connected to the 7th largest hanging bridge in the world! You can also go inside the building to the viewing deck to enjoy the views of Bratislava. The cost to enter is 7.40 euros ($8.03). However, there is a cafe below where you don’t need to pay any entrance fees, you just need to buy a drink.

UFO bridge - Bratislava, Slovakia
The UFO Bridge

Street art

There are tons of random, colourful and unusual street art around Bratislava. All you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for them. They make for great photographs!

Street art in Bratislava
One of the unique pieces of street art in Bratislava

Have more time in Bratislava? Consider a day trip to Vienna!

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Where to stay in Bratislava

During our stay in Bratislava, we stayed at Freddie Next to Mercury Hostel. It’s a 10-minute walk away from the old town and a great location to get a good night’s rest and still meet other travellers. The rooms are fully equipped with a kitchenette, plenty of cooking equipment and a fridge. There is also free tea, coffee and hot chocolate available in

the kitchen downstairs. The staff were friendly and helped us with getting around the city. We would fully recommend this hostel for travellers who want to relax but still be part of a social environment.

For more prices and deals on properties in Bratislava, CLICK HERE.

Freddie next to Mercury hostel - Bratislava, Slovakia
The dorm room at Freddie Next to Mercury Hostel

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We hope you enjoyed this guide on what to do in Bratislava in one day. There are plenty of amazing free things to do in this cute medieval town. If you’re looking for more free things to do in other European cities, make sure to check out this Budapest itinerary.

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The Best Things to do in Bratislava, Slovakia in One Day

*We were hosted complimentary by Freddie Next to Mercury Hostel. All opinions are our own, based on our experience.*

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    Bratislava looks charming. I’d love to visit the castles and palaces, and walk through the cobbled streets. The Cumil statue is quite unusual too.

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    Bratislava seems like a beautiful place that has different things to offer. I like it that I on one side can find the charming old town, and on the other side a UFO bridge! That is just awesome!

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