How to get from Brasov to Bran Castle the Cheap & Easy Way

Getting from Brasov to Bran Castle, the home of Count Dracula, couldn’t be easier! So, put your purse and wallets away and hold back from booking that excursion. Here is how to make the trip yourself, the easiest and CHEAPEST way!

A bedroom in Bran Castle

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How to get to Brasov ready for a trip to Bran Castle

Brasov is the nearest major town to Bran Castle. Brasov is the perfect place to base yourself whilst exploring Transylvania. You can easily reach Brasov from Romania’s capital city, Bucharest, via a quick 2.5-hour train or bus ride.

You can also reach Brasov by a 12-hour direct bus from Chisinau, Moldova. Rather than staying in Bran, it is better to do a day trip from Brasov, as Brasov has more to offer in terms of accommodation, restaurants, and entertainment.

How to go from Brasov to Bran Castle by bus

Brasov to Bran Castle by public transport is quick, easy, simple and most importantly CHEAP! There is no need to book an organised tour. With a little patience and planning, you can have a great day out at less than half of the price of taking a tour. However, if you’re on a luxury break, and don’t want the hassle of navigating to bus stations, you can book a perfect Bran Castle tour to suit your needs. Furthermore, you may want to take a tour that includes the benefit of skipping the lines. The entrance can get super busy during the summer months.

Leave from Auto Gara 2

To get to Bran from Brasov, you will need to go to Auto Gara 2 (bus station). The bus station is a little out of the way from the city centre, but you can easily get there by taking bus number 5 from the Central Bus Station in Brasov. You will need to get your tickets for the local bus beforehand at one of the kiosk stations, located on the street next to the bus stop. Tickets for buses around Brasov are just 2 Lei (50 cents), but you must buy them as a set of two. So, 2 tickets will cost 4 Lei ($1).

Take a bus to Bran

When you reach Auto Gara 2, you will need to wait for the bus to Bran to show up. You can buy your ticket directly from the bus driver. The bus costs 13 Lei ($2.78) per person one-way. The bus to Bran is scheduled to leave every half hour; on the hour and half past the hour. However, we waited for an hour for a bus to show up. Therefore, the scheduled timetable may be a little unreliable, but the bus will come eventually. The journey to Bran takes around 50 minutes.

Jake at Bran Castle, Romania
Jake turns into a vampire at Bran Castle

Brasov to Bran Castle by taxi

If you don’t fancy being cooped up on a public bus, there is also the option to take a taxi to Bran Castle. Of course, a taxi is going to cost a lot more than the 8 Lei ($1.86) bus ride. The distance from Brasov to Bran is just 28 km, so the taxi fare shouldn’t cost too much. We didn’t take a taxi, so we are unable to give you an accurate quote based on our personal experience, but after much research, it seems that the average price is around $30 one-way. We recommend asking the staff at your accommodation for the best prices and the best taxi companies. The staff at your hostel should be able to help you book a taxi.

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Entrance and prices to Bran Castle

When you get off the bus in Bran, you will only need to walk a couple of hundred meters to the entrance of Bran Castle. In the middle of summer, the line to purchase entrance tickets may be quite long. During our visit, the line snaked through the garden, through the market, and back out onto the main road!

The entrance ticket costs 40 Lei ($9.50) for an adult and 10 Lei ($2.35) for a child.

The times of admission into Bran Castle vary, depending on the day and the season. You can check the official website for more details.

The outside grounds of the castle are FREE to walk around and make for the perfect picnic setting. It may be a good idea to knock some sandwiches and bring along some fresh fruit, snacks, and juice so you can have a relaxing picnic on the grounds of the Castle.

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The line to get into Bran Castle, Romania
The line to get into the castle on a summers day

About Bran Castle

Bran Castle is a medieval fortress between Transylvania and Wallachia, in Central Romania. The construction of the fortress was completed in 1382, to protect the border of Transylvania. Bran Castle is thought to be the inspiration for Dracula’s lair in Bram Stoker’s famous 1987 vampire story, making it a major reason for its popularity and the reason a million tourists pass through its gardens, souvenir shops, and doors each year.

Despite the lack of Vampires hiding in the closets at Bran Castle, millions of tourists still cling to the notion of sinister happenings in and around the ground. Maybe this is the reason it’s a major draw and tourist boost for Romania. It’s even thought that the Romanian government still promotes the connection of Bran Castle with Dracula, to encourage tourists to visit.

In reality, the castle is fit for Queens and Princesses and is easily one of the most Instagrammable places in Romania. Queen Marie of Romania was very fond of Bran Castle and was subsequently gifted the castle in 1920 by the people of Brasov. During her residency, Queen Marie decorated the castle with beautiful paintings of royalty and built up collections of unique antiques and 14th-century armour and weaponry. All of which are still on display today.

Armour at Bran castle
Armour on display at Bran Castle

Wandering around the town of Bran

The town of Bran itself is very pretty with medieval walls and old buildings. Take some time to wander around the shops and the plenty of market stalls selling gimmicky Dracula souvenirs. The things you will find may surprise you! If you’re there in the Autumn time, it would be a good idea to buy some Halloween decor or souvenirs for your next Halloween party.

If you get a little hungry after exploring the castle, there are plenty of cute cafes to grab a bite to eat and drink. You could choose to dine at one of the fancy pubs for a nice hot sit-down meal, or you could quickly grab a chip barm from the chippy that is located just outside of the bus stop that the bus leaves from to go back to Brasov. Our personal recommendation is the chippy! It’s cheap, delicious, and certainly a nice treat after the horror of our food being smothered in dill during our Central Asia trip.

Market in Bran, Romania
A market stall selling pottery in the town of Bran

Where to stay in Brasov

Feeling luxurious: Calea Poienii Penthouse – Apartment-style accommodation that has an outdoor swimming pool. Perfect for families! Just a 3-minute drive from Brasov city centre.

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Budget private room: Cozy Central Studio – Great value for money! Clean studio apartments in the city centre that boast mountain views from the bedrooms.

Dorm life: Carrousel Hostel – The staff are very friendly, and the dorm rooms are well-kept. The best perk to this hostel is that the price includes breakfast. It’s also just a 5-minute walk to the main square. We would fully recommend this hostel for solo travellers and young couples who like a social atmosphere.

For more prices and deals on properties in Brasov, CLICK HERE.

All in all, a trip from Brasov to Bran Castle is super simple. You can easily reach the famous castle in under 2 hours via bus, and the total cost of the trip is less than $5. So, save your cash and enjoy a spine-tingling day out at Bran Castle.

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How to get to Bran Castle the Easiest & Cheapest Way

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