How to Make an Unforgettable Day Trip to Nara from Kyoto

How to make a day trip to Nara from Kyoto! Nara boasts some of the most impressive shrines and temples, not to mention, the cutest deer that roam freely around the streets. Despite being Japan’s first capital, Nara is often overshadowed by its nearby cities. However, you should not write Nara off, as it makes for a perfect day trip from Kyoto or Osaka. Read on to find out how to get there, all about the bowing deer, and the most beautiful temples and shrines.

Feeding deer in Nara, Japan

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How to get to Nara from Kyoto

We started our day trip to Nara from Kyoto. The best way to get to Nara is by train. The cheapest way to get there from Kyoto is by taking the JR Line. From Kyoto Station to JR Nara Station, the journey takes around 45 minutes and costs 710 Yen ($6.56). Once you arrive in Nara, the train station is about a 10-minute walk from the main attractions and a park full of deer.

Deer chasing people for food - Nara, Japan
Deer chasing Jake around the park for crackers

Things to do on a day trip to Nara

Feed the deer at Nara-Koen Park

Whilst the park itself is pretty and a great place to take in nature, the main attraction, and one of the best things to see in Japan, is the 1,200 deer that roam freely around the park. Crazy right? Why are there so many deer roaming the streets? Well, local belief is that a man named Takemikazuchi (a god) arrived in the former capital on a white deer to protect the city. From then on, the deer have been considered messengers of the gods. Since this legend arose, deer have been thought of as sacred animals, and have been carefully protected.

Deer food stall - Nara, Japan
A stall that sells deer crackers

Upon arriving at the park, there are many street vendors selling crackers, specifically for the deer to eat. You can buy a pack of deer crackers for 150 Yen ($1.38). We must have bought 4 packs, as we couldn’t get enough of walking around and feeding the little cuties. The coolest thing about feeding the deer is that if you bow to them, they bow back. Try it!

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Visit the most beautiful temples and shrines

After spending a couple of hours lazing in the park and having fun with the deer, we finally pulled ourselves away and went to explore the surrounding area. Nara is a small place and you can easily see the main attractions on foot. There is no need to get on buses or trains. There are many pretty shrines, temples, and gardens to see. However, if you only want to visit one of them, make sure to visit the ancient Todai-Ji Temple which dates way back to 1709 AD. Inside the temple, you will also find the world’s largest bronze Buddha statue.

Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan
There are plenty of temples to explore around Nara

Aside from Tadaiji Temple, here is a quick list of other temples in the area:

  • Kasuga Taisha
  • Toshadai-Ji
  • Kofuku-Ji
  • Horyuji Temple
  • Yakushi-Ji Temple
  • Todai-Ji Nigatsu-do
  • Shin-Yakushi-Ji Temple

All of which you can find more about right here!

Relax in a zen garden

After visiting a few other temples, we headed to the famous Isui-en garden. The garden is supposed to be utterly stunning with many flowers in full bloom. However, the cost to enter the garden is 650 Yen ($6), so we opted out on this occasion. Instead, we strolled through the beautiful Yoshiki-en garden, which is FREE to enter for international tourists. The grounds are tranquil, and because the garden is relatively unknown, you will pretty much have the place to yourself. It’s the perfect way to end your Nara itinerary before heading back to Kyoto.

Yoshiki-en Garden in Nara
Yoshiki-en Garden in Nara

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There you have it, a day trip to Nara! What more could you ask for; temples, gardens, and cute little deer. No matter if you’re in Japan for a week or a month, Nara is a great addition to your itinerary.

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Cool Things to do in Nara, Japan on a Day Trip

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  1. Nathan says:

    I’ve heard so much about Nara – how cute is it that the deer bow back to you when you do the same! I would love to visit someday and experience it for myself 🙂 Glad you had fun!

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    Oh, the video look great! I didn’t know Japanese deer will bow when asking for food. What a great manner. Been to Nara many years ago while I was studying in Kyushu. Will be back end of year and your blog has helped me to do the bow when I go. Thanks!

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