Everything You Need to Know About a Pushkar Flower Tour

Apart from the tranquil lake, bustling markets and temples on hilltops, Pushkar in India offers more than what you might initially expect as a tourist. There are opportunities to immerse yourself in the locals’ day-to-day lives with an eye-opening Pushkar flower tour. You will have the chance to witness the cultivation of one of the town’s biggest exports; flowers. Here’s everything you need to know about taking a flower tour in Pushkar.

Flower field in Pushkar, India

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Picking flowers in Pushkar

The Dia Homestay Pushkar flower tour is the perfect side quest to compliment the main attractions of Pushkar. Consisting of a 5-hour itinerary, you will start your day at 6 am. Transport is provided as you head to the family-owned farms that grow and pick the colourful aromatic flowers. Enjoy the sunrise as you shimmy through the fields, helping father and son pick red roses, white roses and marigold flowers.

Flower picking - Pushkar, India
Watching locals pick flowers in Pushkar

Pushkar Flower Market

After this, head to Dia Homestay for a hot Masala chai and a chance to grab breakfast on the rooftop terrace. Next, it’s onto the local market. Watch as huge sacks are filled to the brim with flowers ready to be hauled to different parts of India. Here take the opportunity to learn all about the importance of the flowers; how they are used in traditional Indian weddings, festivals, for decoration, fashion, and other products.

Flower Market in Pushkar, India
Bagging up flowers at the flower market

Pushkar Flower Factory

After hitting the market, it’s a short drive to a factory in which those same flowers are used to make products such as fragrant water, perfume, sweets and syrup. Here you can see the workers load the flowers into concrete containers, mixed with purified water. Watch as the slow steam distillation process begins to create the rose water. The rose-water is an essential oil that has been used to create natural beauty products, and to treat health conditions for thousands of years. Benefits of rose oil include; improved various skin conditions and improved hormone health. One notable usage of rose oil we found fascinating was the application of a few drops to a light bulb. This creates a warm glow in any room and releases a relaxing aromatic scent.

Flower factory - Pushkar, India
The Flower Factory at work in Pushkar

Where to book the Pushkar Flower tour

This specific tour is only possible through Dia Homestay and its partner properties. For the chance to experience this tour at a discounted price, quote our blog during your stay at Dia Homestay for a 10% discount. You can book the tour directly at Dia Homestay, or you can contact Ravi by a phone call on 919782127582.

Flower products - Pushkar, India
The final products made from flowers

Where to stay in Pushkar

For the perfect Pushkar experience, we recommend staying at Dia Homestay It’s perfect if you want to stay somewhere away from the tourist traps of the lake and surrounding markets. Dia Homestay provides the perfect escapism from Pushkar’s beeping bikes and touting traders.

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For more prices and deals on properties in Pushkar, CLICK HERE.

Dia homestay - Pushkar, India
Our tour guide from Dia Homestay

Location of Dia Homestay

That being said, let’s talk location. Dia Homestay is situated a 10-minute walk from the lake in a quiet area. You will have more chance of seeing roaming cows and pigs, than cars and bikes. When arriving in Pushkar, take the first left upon passing the archway. Dia Homestay is located at the end of that left turn. Upon arriving at Dia Homestay, after a 4-hour long train journey from Jaipur to Ajmer, we were greeted by two adorable Labradors and two members of staff waiting to take our bags.

Dia homestay bedroom - Pushkar, India
The cosy bedrooms at Dia Homestay

Room amenities

After the checking-in formality, we were welcomed to our room. Where do we start? The room is large, spacious and full of colourful quirky furniture and decor. A room so relaxing, we only left it that day to venture out for food! Over the course of the next couple of days, we braved the 40-degree heat and experienced what Pushkar had to offer, safe in the knowledge we had a cool relaxing pad to return to once the sun had taken its toll on us. The amenities made all the difference during our stay. Our fridge provided the refreshment and the fast wifi connection was our entertainment.

Dia homestay food - Pushkar, India
The cool seating area in the bedrooms

Other properties by Dia

Dia Homestay is 1 of 3 partner properties, all owned by the same owner. We visited Inn Seventh Heaven and the decor and vibe are similar. However, Inn Seventh Heaven is located right next to the market. So, if you are looking to be located among the hustle and bustle, Seventh Heaven is a great alternative to Dia Homestay.

Private bedroom at Dia homestay - Pushkar, India
Cute decor at Dia Homestay

All in all, a Pushkar flower tour is the perfect way to witness local life and the mass cultivation of the town’s biggest export. This tour offers you a relaxing morning of watching the sunrise over the flower fields, breakfast in a tranquil setting, and a chance to interact with local workers at the market and the flower factory.

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Pushkar, India Flower Tour | All You Need to Know

*We were hosted complimentary by Dia Homestay and given a complimentary Pushkar flower tour. All opinions are our own, based on our experience.*

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