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5 Cool Things to do on a Trip Seoul – Don’t Miss Out

Seoul is a vibrant city that offers plenty of culture and countless things to see and do. From an emotional trip to the demilitarized zone to kicking back and singing your heart out at a baseball match, you are sure to have an unforgettable trip to Seoul. Here we have picked our top 5 highlights

Take a DMZ Tour

A trip to the border of North Korea is an obligatory part of a trip to Seoul. There is so much we can learn from the tragic events of a country, families and cultures being split apart. The ongoing struggle between the two countries is compelling to witness with your own eyes. During this trip you will even have the chance to get a glimpse into life in North Korea. We found this super cool but also kind of creepy at the same time. For more information on the DMZ tour click here.

Reunification of North-South Korea

Attend a Baseball Game

In the Evening, grab your bag of fried chicken and a pint of larger, kick back and enjoy the atmospheric baseball game. As two Brits, we had never seen a live baseball game before and even though we didn’t quite understand the rules, we had a blast anyway. Each player had their own catchy song that the crowd would sing when it was their turn to hit the ball. This was pretty fun, as by the end of the night we were able to sing a bit of Korean. As well as watching the baseball game there is fun entertainment in the form of cheerleaders and dancers that do quirky dances and hype up the crowd. Seoul was the perfect place to experience our first ever baseball game.

Baseball Game Seoul

Watch the Changing of the Guards at Deoksugung Palace

Located at the heart of Seoul is the spectacular and well kept Deoksugung Palace. Throughout the day, you can witness the traditional event of the guards changing duty. The guards are dressed in traditional colorful robes whilst they perform fascinating movements to traditional Korean music; so be sure to have your camera at the ready. Not only that, the palace setting is picturesque with rugged mountains in the background.

Changing of the Guards Seoul

Go on a Foodie Adventure

Food is a huge part of a trip to South Korea. Everyone we know that has been, or all of the blogs we had read online, would always boast about how amazing the food in Korea is. From Bibimbap to Bulgoki, Korea has it all. Korean food is largely based on rice, meats and lots of veg. Our personal favorite bit of the food was the cheese. YUM – melted cheese on top of the rice was mouth heaven. With so many grills, food stalls and ordinary restaurants lining the streets of Seoul, you are certain to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

Korean Food

Hang out Around Seoul’s University Streets

This is where the young hip action is at. Take some time to wander the streets and you will be sure find unique shops filled with unique trinkets. It is highly likely you will also stumble across aspiring boy/ girl bands that are performing their songs or cool dance routines. If they are not on TV you will surely find them knocking some shapes out in the street with a crowd surrounding them.

Boy Bands Seoul

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11 thoughts on “5 Cool Things to do on a Trip Seoul – Don’t Miss Out

    1. Hi, Thanks for your comment. Seoul is certainly worth the visit and I’m sure you will see how wonderful it is when you do visit. I particularly enjoyed the baseball game. The atmosphere was immense and it was so much fun too.

  1. Korean history is somehow reminiscent of Germany before reunification. It is indeed a complicated matter and should only be solved in a diplomatic way. I would really like to know more on how people live in DPRK. You’re totally right – the DMZ tour is a great way to get a glimpse of life in North Korea.

    1. Yes it is a very interesting tour but so emotional as you can really see the desperation to reunite the two countries. I would love to go to North Korea one day, but hopefully by then (defying the odds) the two countries would have united.

  2. Seoul reminded me of New York. A massive, living, breathing crush of humanity and technology, it felt like no matter where you went, no matter what subway stop you got out of, there would always be something exciting going on. Like Manhattan, it always felt alive.

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