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2018 Travel Itinerary Plans and Goals – A New Year Ahead

As another year closes and a new one begins, we look back on our year and start to make a travel itinerary for the next. Travel is our focus, so we have thought up tons of different travel itineraries and plans for 2018. After much thought and consideration, we have finally chosen where we will be heading next!

2017 Travel Highlights

2017 was a great year of travel for us. Before we tell you what’s in store for 2018, lets quickly throw back to our 2017 travel highlights.

We kicked off our year with a foodie’s trip to Taiwan, where we immersed ourselves into the food markets, sights and nightlife.

Taipei Night Market Food

Shortly after, we made a return trip to our favourite place in Vietnam; DaLat. Here we took in the fresh air and cruised through stunning mountains and lush green fields on a motorbike.

Farming in Dalat

In May, we embarked on a 4-month trip through East Asia. We saw the mesmerizing skyline of Hong Kong and gambled the night away in Macau.

The Wynn Fountain Show

We then explored the craziness of China, hiked the Great Wall and awed at cute Pandas in Chengdu.

Katie and Jake on the Great Wall

After the highs (and some lows) of China, we boarded part of the famous Tran Siberian rail into Mongolia. Here, we got in touch with local culture and the nomadic lifestyle. We were lucky enough to be there during the time of the National Naadam festival. The Naadam festival is a MUST DO in Mongolia, so be sure to plan your trip during this time.

Katie With Nomandic Family Children

We spent some time in South Korea, where we sampled famous Korean foods, connected with locals and tried couch surfing for the first time. Through couch surfing, we were able to see firsthand the generosity of South Korean people and have many unforgettable experiences.

Couch Surfing Host South Korea

Finally, we ended our 4-month trip hitchhiking through Japan. In Japan we saw the weird, the wonderful and everything in between. From drinking Sake in Piss Alley with a bunch of Japanese business men, to feeding deer in Nara. We loved it all!

Feeding Deer in Nara

After all of that, you may think that our travels for 2017 would be over! However, we had to squeeze in just one last trip before the year ended. What better way to end the year than with a trip back to the UK to spend Christmas with family and Friends.

Travel Itinerary Planning Stages for 2018

For those of you who know us well enough, you will know that our plans change more than we change our underwear! Seriously, we must have already made travel itineraries and plans for almost every corner of the Earth, only to change our minds a month or two later. At first, we thought our big trip this year would be through Australia but that quickly changed to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Maldives. After realizing that we should save these nearby countries for when we have a few weeks off work, I spent weeks upon weeks making the ultimate itinerary for backpacking South America.

After having our hearts set on South America for months, we unfortunately concluded that due to our trip to the UK our savings may not be as good as we initially intended. Therefore, I took the executive decision to postpone the South America trip for a later date out of fear we may not enjoy it as much as we could with a very tight budget. So where are we going? Here goes….

Travel Itinerary Finalised

Without further ado, here is our finalized travel plans for 2018 – well, the first half of it anyway.

Java Island Indonesia

We will kick-start our year with a break to Indonesia in February. We will island hop from the cultural island of Java through to the beautiful island of Bali before finishing up in the stunning island of Lombok.

In April we will begin this year’s “big” trip through 19 Eastern European countries. Now this time last year, we would have never have thought of doing a huge trip through Eastern Europe; but after making our Instagram account and seeing tons of stunning pictures of the art, architecture, landscapes, history and delicious foods, I have been more than inspired to visit this corner of the Earth. I cannot tell you how excited we are to marvel at the Acropolis of Athens, be taken in by the stunning emerald Plitvice lakes, party our way through Serbia and to explore the many fairytale-like castles dotted around Romania.

Plitvice Lake Croatia

We will begin our trip by flying into Athens and embarking our way through the Balkans. From Athens, we will eventually work our way overland into Slovenia before doubling back into Serbia. We used this great guide to backpacking the Balkans by My Funky Travel.

After that we will fly to Slovakia and journey through the Baltic region, ending in Estonia. From Estonia, we plan to fly to Belarus and work our way down through Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. Once we reach Bulgaria we hope to end this epic Eastern Europe travel itinerary by meeting up with family. The plan is to spend some time relaxing on the beaches of Sunny Beach resort.

Romania Iconic Castle

For now, that is as much as we have planned for our 2018 travel itinerary. That should take us up until September. After that, the book of 2018 is still very much unwritten. We wish you all a Happy New Year and may you have many more adventures and travels to come. If anyone has any tips or must see’s for Eastern Europe, please drop a comment below 😊

Are you still making a travel itinerary for 2018 and need some inspiration? Check out this great guide of top 10 places by category; from culture to beach and everything in between.

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39 thoughts on “2018 Travel Itinerary Plans and Goals – A New Year Ahead

  1. I haven’t planned any Asia trip ever yet and this post definitely makes me want to plan one right now. 🙂 New subscriber here. Oh my gosh just realized I might see you during your European Trip as I was planning to go this summer to Eastern Europe from Tallin down to Istanbul. OMG. I’ll post about my Summer Itinerary soon.

    1. Thank you for subscribing 🙂 Asia is such a beautiful place for the most part. I hope you get to experience it yourself one day. I can’t wait for the trip around Europe. Your plans sounds very similar but we will be going the other way. I’m going to head over to your blog now so I can keep posted with your Itinerary. I’m sure I will get lots of ideas from you!

  2. Wow your 2017 was pretty unreal but your 2018 looks just as awesome if not more so. We might see you in Bali! I would love to check out Estonia and Greece, can’t wait to read about your upcoming trips.

  3. 2017 looks like a lovely one. Been to Hong Kong so I know about you must have enjoyed your stay there. 2018 looks all planned and promising. Im looking forward to read your stories from the ‘big’ Eastern European trips

  4. You have lots of trips throughout this year! Good Luck! I want to do a trip to Balkans as well. Hopefully, we can manage pretty soon

  5. Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan and UK!

    That is quite a lot and so enriching and adventurous! 🙂 Seems you had a Fab travel year!
    You would love Indonesia! Especially Lombok. I was there last November and Gili islands were gorgeous! I would love to visit east Europe too!

  6. After a great 2017 it looks like 2018 will be just as wonderful! We’ve loved the Balkans, and Slovenia was such a nice place so I’ll be waiting to read your thoughts on the place when you go!

  7. Looks like you had a great 2017! I’d love to visit Mongolia. Good luck with all your 2018 travel plans. Looking forward to see some posts about castles in Romania (I heard there’re vampires there. So be careful) 🙂

  8. That’s an awesomely-packed itinerary for 2018 and I really hope you have a blast! I really loved my time in Eastern Europe, so I’m sure that will be memorable. I can’t wait to also explore the food markets in Taiwan someday!

  9. Looks like you had a great time in 2017! Your 2018 looks even better! Eastern Europe is a blast and arguably better than most of Western Europe depending on your travel style! Romania and Ukraine are two of my favorite countries so I hope you have a great time exploring them!

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